Housekeeping Service

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Housekeeping Service

Vblue provide housekeeping service that is, disposing of rubbish, cleaning dirty surfaces, dusting and vacuuming. It may also involve some outdoor chores, such as removing leaves from rain gutters, washing windows and sweeping doormats. The term housecleaning is often used also figuratively in politics and business, for the removal of unwanted personnel, methods .

Housekeeping Service

commercial housekeeping service
Commercial Housekeeping

Vblue company provide commercial housekeeping use a wide variety of cleaning methods and equipment to facilitate and expedite the cleaning process. Just book our service through booking form or you can call on 8739089387 and get quick response.

lunder houskeeping sercive
The Role of A Laundress

However, there is another type of housekeeping service that is highly specific and may be more suited to your particular needs. Laundress jobs require an extensive knowledge of different types of garments and how to expertly care for each one.

house cleaner service

Unlike a maid, who will often only be given very light cleaning tasks, a house cleaner's sole responsibility is keeping a house clean and thoroughly sanitized. For resolve this problem just make a frequently call on 8739089387 and get quick response .

housekeeping maid

A maid is a formal type of housekeeping job. The type of cleaning most often includes sweeping, dusting, mopping, possibly laundry and other types of light cleaning. Sometimes maids aid in certain stages of meal activities, which often include light food preparation, or light cleanup afterward.


Professional Housekeeping Services

Cobweb Removal

Cobweb duster clean every surface you think to dust, but never do. Split-tip poly fibers grab even the finest dust particles and can reach deep into tiny cracks and corners.

Dry Dusting Of Walls And Ceiling

A long-handled extension duster makes this easy, especially if you have high ceilings. Starting at an entrance to the room work top to bottom.

Wet And Dry Mopping Of Floor

Wet mopping, like the name implies, adds water and a cleaning agent to the fiber brush head and gives your hardwoods a deeper cleaning .

Other Housekeeping Services

A complete housekeeping service by the vblue's ensures a thorough de-greasing and wiping of the housekeeping platform .


Under Services We Repair

  • Removal Of Cobwebs
  • Thorough Vacuuming Of Furniture, We Clean Even Under The Ccushions
  • Cleaning Of Trash Cans And Aashtrays
  • Cleaning And Wiping of Appliances From Outside
  • Cleaning Intercoms, Telephone Equipment, Switches, And Lights
  • Cleaning And Mopping Of Flooring
  • Sweeping The Corridors
  • Washing Floor Tiles And Vacuuming Ccarpets
  • Clearing Out Aall Garbage
Housekeeping service

We under take all types of housekeeping service are cleaning of window and exhaust fan, cleaning and wiping of appliances from outside, built-in chimneys, clean and scrub mirrors, sweeping the corridors etc. Our professionals are highly skilled to check these services on various provisions of quality in order to fulfill the exact customer requirement with 100% satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Qquestions About Housekeeping Services

The professional will be able to advise the recommended service and final quote after visit your site.

We are providing services for all housekeeping services work such as cleaning of window and exhaust fan, commercial housekeeping removal of cobwebs, thorough vacuuming of furniture, we clean even under the cushions, cleaning of trash cans and ashtrays, cleaning and wiping of appliances from outside, cleaning intercoms, telephone equipment, switches and lights, cleaning and mopping of flooring, sweeping the corridors etc.

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