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I Miraj Ali work with vblue.in last 4 years in MUMBAI as a FALSE CEILING repair Technician.We provide our service in MUMBAI .I have more than 12 years’ experience to repair and maintenance service of .We have 5 technician with us who are able to provide service within hour at low cost. Our aim to provide fastest service to our client at low cost., If you have any work for me please fill the form or call us after it our team will co - ordinate with you and provide a best service at low price.

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(Shivam Likhar)

really good work and experts in this area . completed the work in promised time. awesome service with fair value.

(Ravi Rai)

Inquired in False ceiling for my Kitchen & bathroom False ceiling, I have to finalize from them which is Vblue, Barra, Kanpur. They gave the quotation and I heard about this service, it was a good one. highly recommend.

(Ankit Kamra)

False Ceiling material is coming in many varieties today. But to attract someone's attention is the latest gypsum board. best design has Vblue. That's why I thought to take these features from Vblue. It contains the latest lights and fancy lighting fixtures and hiding the wires. False Ceiling enhances the beauty of Ceiling and makes functional aspects easy. If you want to have a False Ceiling, don't worry, you have to Vblue...


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