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My Self landhar pal, I have 10 years experience in pest control Service and join with vblue.in from last 3 years. Here we provide Pest control service in Lucknow .We have more than 10 staff in our team who are able to provide fully satisfactory service to our client. We are expert in pest control. Our goal is to achieve a good name in cleaning industry with client satisfactory service at low price. Our cleaning Service rates are very nominal and accurate as per our market, if you have any work for me please fill the form or call us after it our team will co-ordinate with you and provide a best service at low price.

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(Chandan )

Today pest is the main health hazard problem we are facing in our houses, society and in the surrounding area.There are many agencies also working and providing their active services. But at primary stage we should able to control this types of problems at our level.We should have awareness about it and develop the same among the other people so that we can maintain the healthy atmosphere. We should keep our house neat and clean by regular cleaning and washing with soapy or dettolin water. If there is problem of ants and flies than wipe the floor and walls daily with soapy or phenyle water.Laxman rekha and Lal hit spray for ants and cockroaches can be used to kill them. A small hand spray with pesticides like mellithean and nuan can be sprayed to control mosquitoes. If there any cracks developed in the floor or walls we can fill them with borex powder.keep bathroom and toilet well cleaned by using lizol, herpic and antiseptic lotion also can be used to kill the insects. Not to through any food or Sweet particles in or around the house.Not to through or let it accumulates garbage in surrounding area.If there is water stagnant dirts nearby, than sprinkle DDT powder and rodents on drains and nearby water. Kerosene oil to be sprinkled over the stagnant water so it will help to kill mosquitoes and will stop their further breading. In case of bad bugs take out all the beds and wash them with boiled strong soapy water and while day keep then in the sun light. All the linen to be washed thoughroly with boiled surfy water. Full house along with walls to be washed with antiseptic lotion and phenol water and make the full house bed bugs free. We can use all these methods to fight against the insects or pest problems and can keep the healthy and insects free atmosphere, so we can remain always healthy, fit and tension free.

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