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I amPragh madan work with vblue.in last 4 years in KARNAL as a MODULAR KITCHEN repair Technician.We provide our service in KARNAL .I have more than 5 years’ experience to repair and maintenance service of .We have 1 technician with us who are able to provide service within hour at low cost. Our aim to provide fastest service to our client at low cost., If you have any work for me please fill the form or call us after it our team will co - ordinate with you and provide a best service at low price.

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(rekha pandey)

Superb service. I don't have any complaints. Great experience.


I chose vblue Modular Kitchen as there is some advanced professional in this team who knows what our needs are. How good can be made in budget? How storage capacity can be made more in the kitchen, according to our need. They were easily the best compared to many establishments. I had seen it all. Vblue Modular Kitchen integrates technology seamlessly with the design and makes for a stunning kitchen.

(D.C. Mehta)

I hired Vblue for my modular kitchen project. These guys were very professional. These people really do their work very sensibly and firmly. They also take affordable prices. The Vblue team was very active and devoted. He did the work of my home kitchen very well, hard and neatly. Satisfied with Overall service. ......


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